Infertility: Miscarriage, adoption, IVF, and twins, oh my!


by BabyCenter Guest Blogger posted in Mom Stories To recognize National Infertility Awareness Week, we bring you this post from Melissa of Okayest Mom. Have you struggled with infertility? I understand. Have you had miscarriages? I empathize. Have you wanted to run over the “Expectant Mother Parking” signs in parking lots? Me too. Have you... Read more »

Postpartum swag your lady bits will love


by Betsy Shaw posted in Mom Stories If anyone had told me I'd be eternally grateful for the huge mesh panties and free bag of super duper absorbent maxi pads the hospital hands out after you have a baby, I wouldn't have believed them. But, believe me, I was. So happy, in fact, I wished... Read more »

5 reasons having 3 kids is easier than 1


by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories Logic tells you having more kids would be harder than having less. But I'm here to tell anyone thinking of adding to their family that being a mom of three is actually easier than being a mom of one. Here's why: Built-in playmates! Right now my 3 kids... Read more »

Intimate photos: When a birth photographer gives birth


by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories Having photographed births for many years, Monet’sMonet Moutrie's work is nothing short of remarkable to behold, from images of contractions as they are happening to photographs of babies literally half-born to fresh-from-the-womb umbilical cord images. But this time, Monet wasn’t behind the camera. Instead, she was the one... Read more »

8 fantastic ways to break up with your breast pump?


by Maggie Downs posted in Mom Stories Is there any device both so loved and so loathed, as is the breast pump? It’s a great invention, of course. My breast pump allowed me to have necessary separation from my infant son – to return to work, go to doctor’s appointments, to take some time for... Read more »

Photos: Breech baby stays in womb position for first 3 weeks


by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories Beautiful newborn photos taken by Hanford, California-based doula and birth and family photographer Savanna Morgret, offer incredible insight into what a breech baby looks like in the womb. That's because this particular sweetheart was still very committed to having her legs up by her face, for the first... Read more »

Purple butt-prints and other pg mysteries


by Joyce Slaton posted in Mom Stories So when I wrote this thing about my pregnant drooling and restless leg syndrome, I thought I might get some fun comments. But I never expected to get so many, articulately explaining problems that are so bizarre as to be sci fi. I simply had to revisit a... Read more »

What raising a child with Down syndrome is really like (in pictures)


by Whitney Barthel posted in Mom Stories I have found so many, many sources covering topics related to Down syndrome to be skewed. Many address topics of difficulty along with corresponding solutions, while others scream "Hey, everyone! Look at us! Our family is perfect and normal even with a child who has Down syndrome. No... Read more »

Soothe your postpartum lady bits with these DIY padsicles


by Kelly Wilbanks posted in Mom Stories After I gave birth to my first baby, my postpartum recovery was marked by night sweats, tears, exhaustion, ravenous eating, sore nipples, anemic fogginess, and blistering sore lady parts. I used the Lidocaine spray I was given at the hospital vigorously, thankful for the brief relief and numbing it offered.... Read more »

Girlfriends’ abridged guide to raising boys


by Whitney Barthel posted in Mom Stories If I'm being honest, I wanted girls. This is funny, because I am the mother of four beautiful little boys. It’s not that I don’t absolutely adore my boys, it’s just that I really struggle to understand them. I am the type of person who cannot function in... Read more »

Women really shouldn't breastfeed if they don't want to


by BabyCenter Guest Blogger posted in Mom Stories By Dana Obleman A package arrived at my door when I was 8 months pregnant with my first child. I tore it open excitedly and was shocked to find a huge tin of formula inside. I was pissed. Some random chemical company had somehow gotten wind that... Read more »

The story behind this impossible birth photo


by Carolyn Robertson posted in Mom Stories Where were you when your water broke? It's one of those childbirth questions that surprisingly comes up quite often, and the answers can be pretty unexpected. From home to the hospital to the check-out at Wal-Mart, it's not exactly something we moms can control. A mother of five... Read more »

11 memorable moments most breastfeeding moms can relate to


by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories For many moms and their newborns, the breastfeeding learning curve is steep -- filled with trial, error, pain, expletives, and tears. But breastfeeding can also come as second nature for a new mama and her baby -- an expert latch right off the bat, no discomfort, and a perfect supply.... Read more »

10 crazy fast birth stories you won't believe!


by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories During my third pregnancy, I experienced contractions throughout my entire third trimester. So about 2 weeks before my due date, when I began feeling consistently strong contractions around bedtime, I pretty much ignored them. But a few hours later, searing pain woke me from sleep. I hesitated to disturb my... Read more »

27 cute and creative gender reveal announcement photos


by Katherine Martin posted in Mom Stories The gender reveal pregnancy trend is showing no signs of slowing down. As the idea of gender reveals has spread, the announcements have become more and more creative. Some trends we've noticed cropping up over the past few years: gender reveal parties are going strong, dads are getting... Read more »

7 things I miss about being pregnant


by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories I'm not at all the type of person who loves every second of being pregnant. Yet, sometimes, I find myself missing certain aspects of the journey. Maybe it's been long enough now that I'm beginning to forget all of the unpleasant parts of growing a human inside my... Read more »

2 crucial things I wish I'd done when my baby was burned


by Betsy Shaw posted in Mom Stories If I could get a second try at any one past event in my life, I'd go back to the day my little girl got severely scalded. And I would do it all differently. Burn Awareness Week takes place in February. But burn awareness is something all parents... Read more »

7 gross reasons to never wear shoes inside your home


by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories Before I enter a home -- mine and anyone else's --  the first thing I do is take off my shoes. I've always done it. Growing up, my parents taught us it was a common courtesy to avoid tracking in mud and dirt. These days, ditching my shoes... Read more »

Babies don't appreciate her but we do: The woman behind the Apgar score


by Joyce Slaton posted in Mom Stories In the surreal moments after you've given birth, your brand new baby is given a quick once-over by your practitioner, who'll tell you afterward what your baby's Apgar score is. You may have no idea what it means, only that everything's okay, or it's not. The Apgar test... Read more »

Mom bares her belly after triplets to make an important point


by Carolyn Robertson posted in Mom Stories When Desiree Fortin, mom of three, looks in the mirror at her postpartum body, she sees the stretch marks, the "pooch," the scars. More than any of that, though, she sees hope. Desiree admits she was "challenged to really think about my body" when she was recently congratulated... Read more »

Photos: Adorable baby bumps that remind us of Easter eggs


by Katherine Martin posted in Mom Stories We've seen pregnant bellies painted as pumpkins for Halloween. But why should fall and winter bellies have all the fun? Spring pregnant bellies can be festive too! A few members of our BabyCenter Community have painted their growing bumps as Easter eggs, and some just painted in a... Read more »

11 unspeakable postpartum realities we need to talk about


by BabyCenter Guest Blogger posted in Mom Stories By Helen Farmer During my pregnancy, many women who had already given birth would give me a squeeze of congratulations then pause – wondering if they should tell me what I might go through. No one did. We went to antenatal classes that covered labor, breastfeeding (top... Read more »

Here's why April Fools' fake pregnancy jokes aren't funny


by Tara Shafer posted in Mom Stories April Fools' Day is once more upon us. In other words, here come the online pranks. Among them will likely be the fake pregnancy announcement. The "I'm pregnant, no I'm not, April Fools!" thing. A picture of a positive pee test, or a sonogram usually accompanies this gag.... Read more »

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