Postpartum swag your lady bits will love


by Betsy Shaw posted in Mom Stories If anyone had told me I'd be eternally grateful for the huge mesh panties and free bag of super duper absorbent maxi pads the hospital hands out after you have a baby, I wouldn't have believed them. But, believe me, I was. So happy, in fact, I wished... Read more »

Picky eater? Not your fault


by Joyce Slaton posted in Mom Stories BabyCenter once published a post by Denise Cortes, "Picky eaters? I wish...", a brag about what wonderful eaters her kids are. I will admit that I rolled my eyes as I read about the wondrous foods her kids adore (ceviche, salmon, miso soup), and those which they abhor... Read more »

10 life secrets my kids have learned from their grandparents


by Betsy Shaw posted in Mom Stories In honor of  National Grandparents Day, I'm compelled to pay homage to the amazing role models my parents have been for my children.  Rather than drone on about how and why my parents, also known as Papa and Zsa Zsa, rock in so many different ways, I'm going... Read more »

10 things grandmas do that drive new moms absolutely bonkers


by Joyce Slaton posted in Mom Stories Okay, grandmas, you've been around the block a few times so I know I can give it to you straight: The more you irritate the mother of your grandchildren, the less you'll see them. Period. Especially if the new mom is your daughter-in-law. Mothers and daughter-in-laws clash so... Read more »

Empowering new project urges moms to get in the picture


by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories I just returned from vacation. Looking through my photos, I couldn't help but notice it looks like I wasn't even there. Because all the pictures are of my kids, and my hubby. I'm pretty sure many moms can relate to being absent from family photos. It's a phenomenon motherhood... Read more »

Men won't ask for directions, but they will take parenting advice


by Charlie Brooks posted in Mom Stories Stay-at-home dads: They used to be rare but, as discussed in a recent NPR article, they’re becoming more common. The emergence of the stay at home dad has brought a slew of parenting changes for the future. A survey from the Pew Research Center found that dads have... Read more »

The crappiest part of having a non-verbal child


by Whitney Barthel posted in Mom Stories I hate it when people are shocked to learn that Daniel is 6 years old. I hate it that I have to speak for him when strangers ask him questions like “Oh, what’s your name?” I hate it that he can’t whisper what he wants into Santa’s ear... Read more »

5 things to be grateful for when you have the flu


by Tara Shafer posted in Mom Stories I am emerging from the throes of the mom flu. I was fine. And then all of a sudden -- boom -- down I went. As I lay shivering in bed under three or four comforters and remained both incredibly cold and unbearably hot, I had some time... Read more »

Child-proofing? There's a room you might have forgotten


by Joanna Venditti posted in Mom Stories When my husband and I were preparing to become parents 8 years ago, we were organized and ready. Or at least we thought we were. We read the books, studied the articles, went to the classes, and soaked up every piece of advice that was given, even unsolicited.... Read more »

7 things Jay Z and George need to know about twin pregnancy


by Joanna Venditti posted in Mom Stories Dear Jay Z and George, congratulations on your twin announcements. Holy crap, right? This is an exciting time, but it's also pretty scary. I'm sure you're glancing over at your wives multiple times a day with awe. You probably feel a bit helpless too. As a mom of... Read more »

Puppy parental leave is a real thing and I can't even


by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories A brewery that recently opened its doors in Columbus, Ohio, has become the first company in the U.S. to offer paid parental leave -- for dog parents, that is. BrewDog, which is based in Scotland, announced its new policy last week. "Yes, having dogs in our offices makes everyone else... Read more »

11 tips for new dads from guys who have been there


by Carolyn Robertson posted in Mom Stories We hear a lot of great practical advice and tips for expectant moms -- but what about all those dads-to-be out there? While the shelves are full of baby books geared towards women, the guys often seem to be an afterthought, left to figure things out as they... Read more »

Why do the worst moments become the best memories?


by Maggie Downs posted in Mom Stories Last summer my family had an incident that could have ruined our brief vacation in Maui. Since we only had a few days on the island, I had every minute planned, determined to suck every moment out of the experience. On our first morning, I set the alarm for... Read more »

16 funny baby memes to brighten your day


by Sabrina Garibian posted in Mom Stories Despite your political preferences, a lot of people agree that 2017 has already been a crazy year in politics. Add in my own personal 2017 horoscope, which states I'm due to have a crappy year, and you'll find me searching high and low for positivity and happiness every day. And... Read more »

5 signs you're ready to purge the baby stuff


by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories I'm almost afraid to type it because then it might actually be true, but here it goes: I think I'm finally done having children. I wouldn't say I'm 100-percent, without-a-shadow-of-a-doubt there yet. However, the thought of starting all over with a newborn at this point? I'm just not feeling it.... Read more »

Mom creates a beautiful way to celebrate preemie milestones


by Carolyn Robertson posted in Mom Stories First smile, first solids, first tooth. And of course, that holy grail of baby milestones: First time sleeping through the night. A child's early months and years are full of firsts, each a bittersweet reminder to mom and dad that their baby is already growing up. For parents... Read more »

5 things that caught me off-guard as a SAHM


by Laura Falin posted in Mom Stories I've always been pretty sure I would be home with my kids. When my husband and I first talked about having children, I toyed with the idea of working part-time or freelancing, but I always knew that if those didn't work out, I would take at least several... Read more »

Wish your man could know what it's like to breastfeed? Watch this


by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories For one long, long day, two men got to experience what it's like to be a breastfeeding woman. Not the part of attaching a real baby, unfortunately, but the bit about carrying two ever-filling jugs about town. The experience was made possible with help from MamaBreast, a breastfeeding... Read more »

Parents, can we all stop being jerks to each other please?


by Whitney Barthel posted in Mom Stories This morning I opened one of my favorite mommy websites and was totally appalled at nearly every single headline. “I don’t give a sh*t,” “F that,” and “Damn this.” The majority of the page filled with recently published articles were written by parents asking for no judgment on... Read more »

Introducing the dreaded pregnancy hangover


by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories Headache. Nausea. Fogginess. And a general feeling of just being out of it.   Shaky. Low energy. Craving eggs. Or grease, or something not healthy at all. But, wait. You didn’t drink last night. Not a sip of alcohol passed your lips.       Because you were... Read more »

Will I miss my child waiting for mommy outside the shower?


by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories Will I miss moments like this one day? Her, sitting on the bathmat thisclose to the edge of the shower. So that I have to step around her, dripping, nearly tripping. Will I miss how, as I attempt to wash away the stress, and stink of motherhood, she... Read more »

This mindfulness tool can tame the most overwhelmed mom


by BabyCenter Guest Blogger posted in Mom Stories By Tasha Lansbury Since mindfulness got a publicist, it’s been applied to everything from business management to orgasms. But mindfulness is also an invaluable tool for parents. So exactly what is mindfulness and how can it help you? Mindfulness is simply being aware of an experience without judgment.... Read more »

5 reasons ADHD medication was the right choice for us


by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories About a month ago I wrote about my 5-year-old son, who was recently diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD.) The diagnosis itself was a relief. It explained years of behavioral problems at home and more recently, issues in school. When we decided to proceed with medication, Z began a low dose of a central... Read more »

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