This is what it looks like to potty train a 5-week-old baby


by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories Even if you've heard of elimination communication (EC),  I'm guessing you, like me, might have a hard time picturing just how someone might go about potty training their infant. Thankfully, Amber Hatch, a mom of two and author, was willing to help us understand with photos of her... Read more »

7 signs you definitely have a high-needs baby


by Michelle Stein posted in Mom Stories Having a high-needs baby affects pretty much every aspect of my life, but I don't really think about it until I encounter a "normal" baby. Like today. I took my older daughter to her gymnastics class this morning. One of the other moms there had a baby with her. For... Read more »

Teach your toddler these 10 words and your life will be easier


by Deidra Romero posted in Mom Stories We've all said it a million, ka-jillion times: "Use your words!" There's something magical that happens when we put language to circumstances and events. Suddenly we are able to label things, and this helps our brains evaluate and store information, creating mental schemas for the world around us.... Read more »

Mom tells what REALLY happens after birth (it's hilarious!)


by Carolyn Robertson posted in Mom Stories No mater how completely prepared you are for childbirth, there are things that will happen after your baby is born that will probably shock you. A lot of it is unpleasant. Some of it is flat out horrifying. Maybe that's why it doesn't tend to get covered in... Read more »

Photos: The reality of my first week postpartum


by Becky Vieira posted in Mom Stories You read the books, take the classes and talk to trusted loved ones. You think back to when you watched friends and family go through it and you tell yourself, “this will be hard but I can do it.” And then it finally happens to you and you... Read more »

16 positively breathtaking birth photos


by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories I love the wide range of emotions that course through everyone in the room when a new life is welcomed into the world. There's joy, and there's most certainly pain. There's also worry, excitement, boredom, relief and pure love. If you're lucky, someone will be on hand with... Read more »

10 stupid things I did as a new mom I wouldn't do again


by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories I was looking through old pics of my kids the other day, when I noticed this fairly disturbing image. And no, it's not that my kitchen is a mess that caught my attention. Because if you see that I put my baby in a Bumbo seat on the countertop to... Read more »

11 photos of pregnancy swelling: How do your feet compare?


by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories Was there ever a time you were under the misconception pregnancy only affected your midsection? As a naive, first-time mom-to-be I was -- and the surprises seemed like they'd never stop. First my breasts ballooned, then my hips widened. The glossy hair and strong nails weren't hard to... Read more »

Photos: What the early days of breastfeeding really look like


by Becky Vieira posted in Mom Stories I’ve been documenting my life as a new mom, including my breastfeeding journey, on my Instagram account and it’s been wonderful to connect with other new and experienced breastfeeding moms. I love sharing tips and suggestions or commiserating when things are difficult. Along the way I’ve had a... Read more »

These jewelry pieces are beautiful -- and made of breast milk


by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories Ann Marie Sharoupim has found a way to turn her love and appreciation for breastfeeding into a business. The New Jersey mom, who knows the struggles that can accompany breastfeeding, firsthand, has found success turning breast milk into keepsake jewelry. "I worked for months to come up with a... Read more »

Photos prove hospital births are beautiful too


by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories The beauty of home births is so often depicted in fabulous, magical photos. But, as a mom who has delivered three babies in hospitals, I can absolutely vouch for the fact that birth there, yes among the monitors and medical staff, can be beautiful too. You don't have... Read more »

Photos: Fit mom maternity shoot like you've never seen


by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories Some people are threatened or upset by the thought an expectant mother doing what she feels is best for herself and her child, in any context. Images of pregnant women doing extreme exercise always create controversy. Lauren is 36 weeks pregnant with her second child, and she's still in... Read more »

Stunning photos give up-close look at water birth


by Carolyn Robertson posted in Mom Stories The second birth that Colorado photographer and mom-of-two Jennifer Mason captured was a water birth. Though it was several years ago, she still remembers everything about that day. "I watched her catch her own baby, under the watchful eye of the midwife, and bring her baby out of... Read more »

Amazing birth photos: Mom helps deliver her c-section baby


by Carolyn Robertson posted in Mom Stories After five c-sections, an Australian mom named Paris was intent on having a different kind of birth experience. She happily achieved just that when she got hands-on during the delivery of her baby earlier this year. When Paris discovered she was pregnant again, she says she was hoping... Read more »

Viral photo proves breast milk is seriously amazing


by Maggie Downs posted in Mom Stories I saw the most amazing viral image recently on Facebook. It was two sacks of breast milk from a tandem-feeding mom -- which I know doesn't sound too exciting, but just wait. Chelsea Pryce of Alberta, Canada, posted that her 2-year-old son was sick, so she kept him on... Read more »

5 things I wish I'd been warned about being pregnant with twins


by Joanna Venditti posted in Mom Stories When I was told I was having twins, I announced it to our family and had to convince all of them that "no, this wasn't a joke."  After that, I began learning as much as I could. I didn't have anyone in my inner circle who had multiples,... Read more »

Incredible photos give up-close look at twins' breech birth


by Carolyn Robertson posted in Mom Stories Ninety-seven percent of babies are head down by the time labor sets in, but of the remaining 3 percent, the vast majority are delivered via planned c-section. Soon-to-be-mom-of-four, Britt, however, was determined to buck the trend. Britt was 28 weeks pregnant with twins when an ultrasound revealed that... Read more »

Photos: This is what a family-centered c-section looks like


by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories When I first learned about birth plans there was so much to decide. Who would cut the cord? Did I want baby to be placed on my chest right away? Who all would be in the room? But all of these questions seemed to pertain solely to vaginal... Read more »

Photos: A hypercoiled umbilical cord like you've never seen


by Melissa Willets posted in Mom Stories I guess you could say the umbilical cord fascinates me, as it represents the ultimate connection between mom and her baby. Maybe my mini-obsession also has to do with the fact that after three births, I never actually looked at mine! One of the most amazing images I've... Read more »

Which of these 6 crawling styles is your baby working on?


by Carolyn Robertson posted in Mom Stories While there is a lot of talk about when babies should start crawling, nobody really explains the right way to do it. This is evidenced in the title of a thread started by one slightly stressed mom in the BabyCenter Community -- and the dozens of others just... Read more »

Photos: Parents compare babies to their ultrasound pics


by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories Does your little one look like their ultrasound photo? I never thought my kids did much, but technology has come such a long way in recent years that parents are now comparing side-by-side shots of their babies before and after birth. Take a look at some of the photos... Read more »

Unreal video: Watch a fetus move and stretch at 20 weeks along


by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories Have you ever felt your baby move and push against your pregnant belly and wondered what in the world he or she was doing in there? I'm beyond thrilled to introduce you to this video shared by Telegraphic Science and Tech. It is, by far, the coolest thing... Read more »

C-section scars: Photos from 2 days postpartum to 2 years


by Sara McGinnis posted in Mom Stories If you have ever wondered what c-section scars look like just after giving birth, or years down the road, get ready  to be enlightened. Whether you're expecting for the first time and know cesarean birth is a possibility, or are an experienced mom who's just plain curious, take a... Read more »

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